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To date, The Leading Edge has trained more than 50 players—and that, all on a very  limited start-up budget too.  

Now that we’re officially recognised as a bona fide non-profit company  (K2021833699), we’re working hard to secure the support of a handful of anchor partners. With the support of these key partners, we can expand our programme, but  funding is needed if we’re to successfully scout and register another cohort of 40  players onto the programme for the forthcoming 2022 season. 

Presently, we have a few inaugural silent partners whom we are extremely grateful  and thankful to for injecting a sizable initial financial investment, thereby contributing  to successfully getting The Leading Edge ‘off the ground’ so to speak. Using aeroplane  parlance: We’ve only just taken off, and now we want to fly high! 

We are also most thankful to the Somerset College parent and teacher community— many have helped us thus far. Without their initial pledges of support (in a variety of  ways), we simply would not be where we are today: making this special appeal for  your support as an official anchor partner or regular partner.

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Become a partner

Support The Leading Edge Sports Foundation as one  of our primary anchors or regular partners.


Support us and be part of The Leading Edge family. Help us to make a difference to underprivileged children.

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Become a Partner

We appeal to you to consider supporting The Leading Edge Sports Foundation as one  of our primary anchors or regular partners. It is our intention that—as an anchor partner—your pledge of financial support will be significant, such that our association  will bear your name in a primary way. As a regular partner, your involvement will  officially be recognised (if you wish) on our website and related marketing and public  relations material.  

For example, marketing and public relations message would carry the following: “The  Leading Edge Sports Foundation, with proud partner/s ABC Company, etc.”  

In other words, The Leading Edge is seeking to negotiate and secure the support of key  partners that will be willing to pledge sufficient funding to sustain the primary  activities of the programme for a 2 to 3 year period—similar for example, to the way  in which primary sponsorships are negotiated for our national cricket teams.  

Invite: You are more than welcome to contact us if you would like to partner with us in  this awesome initiative. We will no doubt share more details relating to our needs, our  budget, our strategic plans, etc.


Apart from the support which we plan to get from our Partners, The Leading Edge  cannot survive without the regular donations received from many who continue to  faithfully support us.  

For this reason, we appeal to the general public, parents and the Somerset College  community to please consider making a once-off or recurring donation in cash or kind. Your donation will go a long way to making it possible to acquire cricket kits (such as  bats, balls, pads, etc.), cricket clothing for the players and coaches, hosting cricket  matches, travel to other schools to play matches, etc.  

Winston Churchill once said “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an  optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” We share this approach to what we  do: whilst we are still working hard to generate sufficient support to sustain our  programmes and operational activities, we strongly believe we will get there.  

Invite: Why not support us and be part of The Leading Edge family—you too will be  helping us to make a difference to underprivileged children living within our  communities in the Helderberg region. This way, we all get to give each and every  child that attends The Leading Edge programme, the leading edge they’ll need in order  to succeed. 

For more, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with any additional  information that you might request before you decide to support The Leading Edge  Sports Foundation. 


Yes, we are a duly registered South African non-profit company (NPC): 2021/833699/08 | K2021833699

Not at the moment because we are still in the process of completing  registration with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). We anticipate this will be approved soonest, so watch this space.

90% of all donations will be invested directly into programmes for the  children/players. Only 10% of donations received will be apportioned  for administration. All management offer their services pro-bono, so  there are no salaries being paid out to any of the volunteers.

Please contact Operations Director & Programme Manager, Hilton  Toro: Mobile +27 (0)72 933 4858    Email:

The board of directors work as a team—as such, all decisions are taken  jointly. Board members are: Hilton Toro, Wayne Bosch & John Firth

Yes indeed. You can donate anything that can assist the organisation— for example, with transportation, food for our coaching clinics, clothing  for the players, cricket kit, school resources, your time, etc.

We will regularly update you on our programme/s and how all donations received are being invested—via an annual report.

We are strictly guided by the South African Protection of Personal  Information (POPI) Act. In no way will we ever disclose any names or  information about our donors or benefactors—unless, for some reason, the donor has given us permission to do so. This will always be pre arranged and documented.

In South Africa there are many cricket academies scattered all over the  country—e.g. reputable foundations such as the Gary Kirsten  Foundation. However, we like to consider our developmental model  rather unique in that we have an added academic component to our  programme. As such, we pride ourselves in taking a holistic child centric approach when it comes to the sports and academic activities  that each player/child is exposed to when joining The Leading Edge programme.


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