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The Leading Edge Sports Foundation (‘the leading edge’) is a registered non-profit  company (NPC) based in Somerset West, a coastal town located in the Western Cape  Province of South Africa.  

Our primary purpose is to provide cricket development accompanied by educational  and life-skills upliftment, to underprivileged boys and girls (ages 11 and 12) living in the greater Helderberg region which incorporates the towns of Gordon’s Bay,  Lwandle, Macassar, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Somerset West and Strand. 

This goal is achieved by giving an annual cohort of pre-identified qualifying children  access to top-quality professional cricket coaching. Over and above the sports  development aspect, the children are also exposed to much-needed educational and  life-skills sessions. 

Our operational model provides opportunity for our dedicated volunteers—e.g., coaches, teachers, mentors, donors and helpers—to make a difference, by giving of  themselves, their skills, their time and their resources, all in an active and selfless bid  to invest in the local Helderberg communities that truly need it most.  

Mike Singletary, former NFL American football player and coach once said, “Do you  know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”  

At The Leading Edge Sports Foundation, by giving our children an opportunity to play,  the beginnings of their dreams are made—to see the dream in their mind’s eye. All we  strive to do is to help them make their dreams come true by giving them the leading  edge they’ll need in order to succeed.

The Programme

Pre-identified qualifying children between 11 and 12 years of age are scouted from  local schools in the Helderberg region. A mandatory selection criterion is that each  player must come from an underprivileged background. Girls and boys are both  eligible for selection to the programme. 

We believe that at The Leading Edge Sports Foundation, our players deserve nothing  short of a world-class experience that any child of their age would get elsewhere in  the world. 

Our Vision | Our Mission

The Leading Edge Foundation aims to provide quality cricket coaching and training to young players and coaches from disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape. Along with developing their cricket skills we also aim to provide them with, EDUCATIONAL and LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT, thus giving these young players and coaches the opportunity to develop holistically, contributing to developing a well-rounded individual to the community.

The primary objective of our foundation is to provide children with good quality coaching opportunities as well as educational support and social development. At the same time, development opportunities will be given to coaches who want to make a difference in children’s lives. Lifelong learning will be encouraged in order to build positive self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect and better-prepared players and coaches for the next generation.

The Venue

Somerset College has four cricket fields, Indoor Centre (4 lanes), 4 Turf nets and 4  artificial nets. The school has put so much emphasis on cricket development by  allowing The Leading Edge Sports Foundation to use their facilities as a pro-active way  to reach out to the lesser-privileged communities in the Helderberg region.

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Our Coaches


Our Coaches

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